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2741759137_5660c35764_m I will admit my prayer life is not where it should be, but my God is a seeker and praise be to Him for seeking me in places that I am lacking. Four weeks ago the Holy Spirit started speaking to me about my prayer life and even though prayer was in my thoughts I had not yet been intentional. So now, only because God is God, we are doing a study on prayer at church and I have promised my small group class, myself, and God to spend more time in prayer. I’m now realizing how much I was lacking in my prayer life and how much God is growing me through prayer. In the past week my relationship with my Savior has grown closer. After making the commitment to pray more I really had to think about payer and what it looks like in my life and what God wants it to look like. I went searching for the answers in my Bible to find a clear example of prayer. I started my study in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 where Paul urges the church of Thessalonica to pray without ceasing. What does it mean to pray without ceasing? What does that even look like? I don’t believe it means to sit with your head bowed and you’re hands together without ceasing. I think it means to include prayers in your thoughts throughout the day, to speak to God constantly. While meditating on this verse I was reminded of the first time I heard 1 Thessalonians as a little girl, I remember praying to God one night before bed and I told him I was not going to say amen because then everything I said would be included in my prayer. I related the word amen to hanging up a phone. While not saying Amen is not Biblical and not advised it is good food for thought. What my prayer life has consisted of the last couple of days is asking for joy in the early hours of the morning also remembering to thank Him for this new day and to be glad in it. Sometimes I forget to be thankful to God and instead pray for the things I desire. God wants us to ask for things but we also need to remember to rejoice in Him and give Him thanksgiving even in the rough times. Rejoicing in the bad times is not easy but I find that it makes the bad times better. I did not rejoice when my 2 year old son yelled from the bathroom “Mommy I need a “wittle” help in here. I poopded on the floor!” but when I saw the look of relief on his sweet face as I greeted him with an understanding smile it brought joy to me and I was able to thank God for my son and the understanding spirit God provided me. I am so Thankful that God has provided us with the ability of constant communication with Him. I pray that we not get so wrapped up in life and take the gift of prayer for granted.


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