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To Avoid or Not To Avoid


Okay followers,  rather than doing an introductory post first, I opted to jump right in there and choose a topic I think all “real foodies” can relate to.  This topic is something that I deal with a lot. It doesn’t bother me anymore, in fact, I find it very entertaining.

You know when you’re at a family gathering, work dinner party, church picnic, etc and your scanning the table for something you feel comfortable putting into your body. Finally you find the baked/grilled chicken breasts, hamburger patties, salad bowl, and or fruit/veggie tray.  You fill you’re plate then find a place to sit, accompanied by some of your favorite people. Suddenly there is that awkward moment when someone looks at the contents of your plate and says “hey you didn’t get Aunt Bettie’s famous casserole.” Those are hard moments in any “real foodies” life.  I sometimes still struggle with it . I don’t want to come across like I’m judging what they are eating, because I’m not, I don’t want to act like a stuck up food snob either.  Sometimes I choose to go into the long story and sometimes I just pick the easy way out and blame my autoimmune disease, which is at this point the very last reason I eat the way I do. It’s even harder to explain when it comes to my kids. I have heard things like how I’m going to cause them to have a complex about food, and of course everyone’s favorite comment “I have eaten that my whole life and I’m doing just fine”. The fact is, that statement is untrue, you are not doing just fine. Society as a whole is not doing just fine. In one week I ran into three people who I know that just found out they have cancer, not to mention all the autoimmune diseases that people are getting diagnosed with left and right. My Mother-In-Law has been a high school teacher for over 30 years and she says that she has seen a drastic decline in young people’s health since she has been teaching. So yes, I keep an eye on what my kiddos put into their bodies. I know there will come a time where they will have to make that decision on their own and I’m hopeful that with all the information I provide them about food and how it effects our bodies, they will make the right decision. I have so much respect for mothers who are fighting for their family’s health through nutrition. It is not an easy thing to do as there are a lot of naysayers out there. I encourage you to shrug them off, continue to care for yourself, and your family they way you feel is best.

I would love to hear from you guys and hear how you deal with these tough situations. Do you brush it off in the most elegant way possible, or do you choose to jump in there and educate people on the dangers lurking within their food?


3 comments to To Avoid or Not To Avoid

  • Amanda Cambron

    Wow, this blob was a WAKE UP call for me!!! My son is such a picky eater and will starve before eating nutritional foods. I have such a hard time with him. Can you give me some ideas? Is it safe to tell him to eat what I make or don’t eat at all? I feel so awful doing that and then him going to bed hungry. HELP!


      Hi, I’m so glad my blog has been helpful to you. Picky eaters are hard! Have you tried some healthy alternatives to the things he does like? I keep hearing about a book that has great methods for getting picky eaters to eat healthy. I have heard nothing but great things about it. I will add it to my products list on my menu so you can check it out. What are some of his favorite foods so I can help you brain storm for some alternatives?

  • Amanda Cambron

    Blog*** sorry. Doing this from my phone.

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