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When is Modern Medicine Necessary?

This topic is very controversial. Everyone has an opinion on it. I was faced with this question head on this past week and thought I would share a little about my experience. Some of you will probably disagree with me on this topic and that’s okay because in the long run we are all looking out for our families and doing what we feel is best and that is always commendable no matter how different we may see things.

In my journey to wellness I learned how flawed the healthcare system is, or as my husband and I like to call it; the sick care system. I don’t blame doctors for this flaw; I once again blame us winy Americans and our need to have things quick and convenient. I see too often people running to the doctor at the first sign of a cough, fever, pain and the list goes on. Often when people go see a doctor there is not much the doctor can do for them so they are forced to treat the symptoms, not cure the problem. He or she wouldn’t dare say” you’re okay, go home get some rest and let it run its course, you will feel better in a couple days”. If that was said imagine the response of winy people who want their illness to magically disappear. It wouldn’t be pretty for the doctor that is for sure. To keep their patients and their jobs doctors give pain killers, steroids and large amounts of antibiotics to treat small sicknesses that would in most cases go away on their own. Most people don’t know that the use of antibiotics kills the bad bacteria we have at the moment while also killing our bodies’ good bacteria that makes up our immune system, making us defenseless to the next bacteria that we come across. That’s why so many mothers get discouraged with having to make countless trips to the doctor during cold and flu season. Another problem that occurs when good bacteria is eliminated from our gut is, yeast can take over and attach itself to the gut wall. Once the yeast is dominant, it has the ability to create lesions in the membrane and can create more problems such as food intolerance, autoimmune diseases and many other inflammatory problems. Skipping the antibiotics and building good bacteria in your body with probiotics, fermented and cultured foods is so important for overall health and builds your body’s immune system insuring you of less annoying colds, flues, viruses, and lessening those doctor visits.

As you can tell I am not a fan of going to the doctor unless absolutely necessary, excluding prenatal care of course. I take great pride in the good health of my family and accredit it to our healthy choices and the lack of antibiotics and over use of modern medicine. All that being said my theories and beliefs were tested this past week when Sunday morning I woke up to a horrible ear infection. I know an ear infection seems like a minor thing and that was my thinking, but the pain in my ear was by no means minor. I have never had pain like this in my life. Tears leaked out of my eyes and sweat beaded on my forehead from this pain. I am no sissy to pain either; I had two children without any pain medication and I would rather go through childbirth again then have the pain from an ear infection. I immediately downed the ancient medicinal tea that got rid of my mastitis after having my third child. I turned to nature’s bacteria killers: garlic, apple cider vinegar and a few others. I searched the internet for other natural remedies to aid my body with healing. In a three day period I had tried every natural remedy there was, from essential oils to alcohol and was still having to take 800 mg of ibuprofen every four hours just to barley touch the pain. My ear was completely swollen shut and I knew that there was nothing else I could do. I was faced with the question; when is modern medicine necessary? As I said before, I am not against doctors and modern medicine. I think doctors have a great importance and modern medicine is a miracle, when used at appropriate times. I realized that this was one of those times and I was thankful that God gave us smart caring individuals and the science of modern medicine.

I took my kiddos to their grandparents and then with my swollen shut ear and blue cross blue shield card headed to the local health care after hour’s clinic. I am still a skeptic and don’t fully trust so I was very selective as to what medications I would and wouldn’t take. My doctor was patient with me and happy to explain everything. It turned out that my ear infection was not minor at all, it was the worst one he had ever seen and no amount of home care would have dealt with it. He had to force my ear canal open and stick a small piece of cotton, called a wick, inside my ear canal so that the medication would be able to get down inside my swollen ear canal and kill the bacteria. Getting the wick into my ear was by far the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. I left with a whole lot of pain, an antibiotic shot, antibiotic ear drops, 10 days of antibiotic pills, and steroid ear drops. I am still not thrilled that I had to take them, especially at the start of flu season; I also know that there was no way around it, it had to be done. So yes, there is a time when natural remedies just won’t cut it and we have to trust in the health care system.

So that was my experience and those are my thoughts on the subject. I wish you all wellness in the future and modern medicine only when needed.

If you have a bacterial infection and antibiotics are necessary remember to avoid refine carbohydrates and processed sugars. After antibiotics are finished, take a high quality probiotic twice daily for 60 days. Eat fermented and cultured foods, such as kombucha, kimchi, kefir and yogurt.

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