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Benefits of Beef Tallow

Kopf_einer_weidenden_MilchkuhI have many favorite things about eating a whole food diet but I recently found a new favorite thing to add to my favorites list; beef tallow. I have known a little about beef tallow for some time now, but was unwilling to break down and order it. Thanks to my wonderful cattle farming father-in-law, my husband and I recently had a grass-fed cow slaughtered. I was so excited to special order all the cuts we prefer and for a fraction of the price we normally pay. I made sure to ask for tallow, knowing that it would expand my options for fats to cook with. I wasn’t sure how it would come or really what to expect at all. The first thing I noticed when picking up my cow was that there was no charge for the tallow, I asked about it and the processor told me they normally throw the stuff out, that was exciting alone. Once I got home, sorted everything out, and filled my freezer full I spotted the tallow and boy was I surprised. The tallow was big chunks of hard fat and tissue lumped together and sealed. I’m not sure what I was expecting but this wasn’t it. I thought, what am I to do with this? I immediately turned to my trusty health food bloggers and learned that I should have added beef tallow to my family’s diet sooner.


I’m going to break this post down into two different posts. The first post will be my research findings, just so you know all the benefits of consuming this very healthy fat. The second post I will show you how to render the tallow down into a beautiful golden nutrition filled cooking oil.


Let me start by saying, I hate the bad reputation animal fats have these days. Butter and lard are being blamed for things like heart disease and bad cholesterol when it shouldn’t be. Did you know that prier to 1920 coronary heart disease was almost unheard of. During that time period a staple at every Americans table consisted of heavy amounts of butter and cream. Health began decreasing rapidly when natural fats were replaced with processed factory made oils.


An amazing thing about tallow is the amounts of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) found in tallow from grass fed cows. It has been shown that fermentative bacteria residing in the gut of a cow fed a diet of grass is responsible for turning linolic acid (omega-6) into CLA.

Now let’s talk about how beneficial CLA is. CLA reduces body fat and increases lean muscle mass, because of this some athletes and bodybuilders take a CLA supplement. The problem with CLA supplements sold in stores is they are made of safflower oil which is highly oxidized and rancid.

If the thought of burning a little stored up fat from the holidays isn’t enough to convince you to eat tallow then I will go on. CLA also lowers your rick of cancer.

There was a study published in the Journal of Nutrition showing the affects beef tallow had on mice injected with breast cancer cells. The results show the mice that were fed CLA, beef tallow had a reduced chance of the cancer metastases to the lungs. Some other health benefits of CLA is it’s an anti-inflammatory, it protects against heart disease, and reduces symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease, such as Crohn’s disease.


Healthy fats, like beef tallow, contain natural accruing good cholesterol that is good for brain function and tissue repair. Cholesterol is vital for optimal health, when consumed from natural sources. Cholesterol from rancid factory fats, like liquid vegetable oil lurking in processed foods, is the culprit for heart disease.

Healthy fats also make the body feel good and satisfied, lessening the desire to go digging in the pantry for food to satisfy you. Beef tallow contains vitamins A D and K which help your body absorb minerals.

Fun fact about Tallow; McDonald’s used tallow to make their french fries famous. The delicious taste of the beef fat set them apart from all other fast food french fries. In 1990 they started using pure vegetable oil, like everyone else and their fries have never been the same.

That is just some of my finding. If you want to know more do a little more digging and please share your new found knowledge with me.

Check my blog for my next post on, How to render beef tallow.

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