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Rendering Beef Tallow

 After reading my last post and learning all the benefits of eating beef tallow, I hope you got so excited that you ordered some and now you need to know how to render it. Well, I’m going to show you how. I assure you it is so easy to do and you are very capable.

2014-11-17 10.01.40

This is what my frozen chunk of fat looked like before I rendered it.

First chop up the block of fat into 1inch cubes. Put your chopped fat into a crock pot on low. Mine took about 12 hours on low. As it cooks the pieces of tissue will separate from the liquid fat and float to the top looking similar to fried pork rinds.


When this happens scoop out the tissue on top. Poor the liquid tallow through a strainer to be sure to get all the pieces of tissue out. Fill glass storage containers with your tallow and voila, you have a beautiful healthy cooking fat.


Note; once the tallow cools it will become a solid. I store one jar on my counter top next to my stove and keep extra in the freezer. After a month on the counter top it will start to oxidize so be sure to use it before then. Tallow keeps for years in the freezer and months in the  refrigerator.

I use it to deep fat fry sweet potatoes and have even fried grain free doughnut holes using this healthy fat. Be sure not to let your tallow reach its smoke point of 420 degrees so your healthy option isn’t compromised.

Tallow is also great for skin care. I made a body butter using olive oil, vitamin E oil, my favorite essential oil, and tallow. I blended it all in my kitchen-aid for a couple minutes; it fluffed up beautifully and is silky smooth on my skin. I already fill it repairing my cracked dry winter skin. My husband is an electronics technician and has really beaten up hands. He puts the tallow butter on his hands every night before bed and claims it makes a huge difference.

Hope this is helpful to you all. I love feed back, so please leave a comment below.

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